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About Us

Located in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood is Belleon – once a private, appointment-only fitness conditioning and personal training studio, now offers classes created and run by Master Trainers Jeff Bell and Carlos Leon in conjunction with their specialized personal training. 

Belleon Body is not just a gym – it is a place where fitness experts, each master craftsmen of the human form, deploy the most advanced knowledge and unmatched experience to transform every body into its individual best.

The Belleon Training System begins with a comprehensive fitness diagnostic that includes both a physical baseline assessment, as well as a analysis of key lifestyle and workplace influences that afect posture, stamina, agility and recovery. From there, Belleon analyzes the data and creates a phased-evolution program tailored to each client’s natural physique and work/home stress factors. 

Belleon Body trainers are available to schedule sessions both at the studio and at of-site locations including corporate fitness centers, apartment gyms or city parks. In addition to one-on-one training, semi-private sessions and group fitness packages are also available.

The 30 Minute Workout

The 30 minute workout concept allows individuals with time constraints to get in a complete fat burning, cardio vascular , muscle toning workout in half the time it takes other class programs. Our signature method employs energizing muscle sequencing to maximize the impact of training all 3 major energy systems of the body at the same time. Whereas most other classes separate muscle toning from fat burning, Belleon strengthens muscle, tones and shapes key areas like glutes and abs, burns fat at twice the pace of traditional training . belleon does this all while increasing body balance, mobility, flexibility and increases the mind body connection improving function with life's daily challenges


The wonder drug of exercise! What's so amazing about Tabatas is that it actually takes very little time to create massively amazing results with basic tools, including but certainly not limited to your own body.  If you have 4 minutes to give to your training and health you can have a total body workout. Tabatas change bodies and they do if incredibly fast. Practicing Tabata training sessions kicks into motion a cascade of hormones and enzymes that literally convert motion into muscle . Even more exciting , this can be done in as little as 4 minutes per training session.At Belleon we use Tabatas as a tool to test conditioning the whole body orto completea fitness training session or class or as a complete 30 minute workout , including warm up and finisher at the end of a session.  The key to remember is Tabatas can be done anywhere any time you desire a workout or session with your trainer. Gym or no gym. Watch for Belleon videos on you tube and our website for a sampling of Tabatas .

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